Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green Dragon Update

Excited to proclaim not much has changed at the Dragon. I dropped in for meet the brewer night and it was pleasantly familiar. After a nice glass of Fort George North II (which the mug club was still in effect), the happy hour hasn't changed yet. Next up was a glass of Baron Rauchbier which was excellent. There is something about a easy to drink smoked beer that is just perfect. You get the heavier smoked/scotch flavors, without to much kick.

After that I talked with the brewer for a bit and sampled a few of the offerings. Strange to say, I really enjoy Pelicans standard beers, but their special releases are... well.. not my thing. I thought the Wee Heavy was rather bland, not enough earthiness and character, more like a typical American strong ale. The Bridal ale didn't have the malt depth of a good Bier de Garde. The Pelican Brune didn't have hardly any carbonation, leaving it flat and lifeless. I think Pelican makes an awesome IPA, stout, dark, and Stormwatchers is delicious, but all of these seasonals just seem to be mediocre. Even their Saison and Gran Cru which I had last year had a vegi flavor like they were rushed.

Anyway, enough ranting, needless to say the Green Dragon still felt like home, although reading over the Rogue FAQ on each table showed you that things will be changing.

So if you have writen this place off, know that it still holds the old charm at least for now.

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Matthew D. said...

I'm leaving to go there now. Thanks for the heads up! I'll be enjoying my moments while I can.