Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night 2008

As the states begin to report I sit back, battling the excitement, beer in hand, looking forward waking up tomorrow with a renewed enthusiasm for our country. For this evening I pulled a bottle of Unibroue 15 from my cellar. No significance to it, not the best beer I have on reserve, just a overall delicious beer. Soft dry fruitiness up front, subtle hints of wild honey, dried pineapple, and sweet pear. Highly carbonated like most Unibroue beers, lively and fizzy on the palate helping to emphasize the spiciness. Between the beer and the results coming in things are looking good.

7:10pm - As of right now Obama 207 / McCain 135 / Beer 75% remaining. They just called Ohio for Obama, big gain. Hope my uncle in Hamilton, OH helped out on that one.

8:00pm - Obama 207 / McCain 141 / Beer 50% remaining. A few states have gone McCains way, no worries though as they were favored towards red from the start. Getting close to calling the west coast states.

8:01pm - ABC just called the election for Obama, congrats America!

Now to celebrate with the remainder of my beer. Here's to tomorrow's America.


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