Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Blog

So I've finally gotten around to getting the new blog up and running, although I'll be making tweaks on it as I go. The new blog is at

Let me know your thoughts.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Green Dragon Taps 12/6/08

A quick update. If you missed the Holiday Ale Fest you can still catch some of the beers on tap at the Green Dragon along with some other good winter warmers.

As of Sunday they had:
Fort George North 2
Southern Oregon Old Humbug 2
Full Sail Old Boardhead
Ommegang Hennepin
Six Rivers Kriek
Stone 12th Anniversary Stout

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Ale Fest 2008

So the Wednesday session is on! Arriving at 3pm for the opening founding me waiting in a 40 person line, sure maybe a few more people than I expected, but I was in the company of people that were truly there to drink and appreciate some good brew. I have to give it up to Preston for adding this day, as I trekked around the tent I met a ton of great local beer enthusiasts. This really was the day for the beer geeks to show up and mingle.

This years fest featured a new navigational hazard... the 2nd beer tent. Upon entering there was a sign to your left that showed that other beers were just a catwalk away. Glancing at the signs I knew that there were some must-try beers in the 2nd tent so I made my way over there. To get to the second tent you had to cross this.Now, i've been to my share of beer fests, but this looks like a fricken mine field in the making, I mean how the heck do you expect people to traverse this thing after some of these beers? Now I was only here for a hand full of samples, but I have seen Friday and Saturday nights and some of the sauced people it creates, this looks like a lawsuit in the making. I understand the need for more space, but this was head-scratching. Also, no Jim for wheelchair bound people. But overall it lead to this tent.

The beer selection this year was excellent. From the 3 years of Jim to the special Firestone Walker releases, all selections at this fest lead to a bit of excitement. My favorite brews from this years fest were Cascade Sang Noir, Hair of the Dog Jim 3, and Firestone Walker Merkin Stout. Also, if it is still available check out the Cascade Vlad the Impaler. I thought Ron's Vlad creation was the star of the show.

Overall some great times. I was able to share a brew with a bunch of the great local beer enthusiasts, and sample a lot of the great hard to find winter brews Portland has to offer. If you can try to get down to the Holiday Ale fest Thursday at opening, so you can sample these great brews before the crowds get overwhelming. Plan on attending this fest over a couple of days to enjoy this amazing selection of winter warmers.

If you are unsure of what to try Jeff wrote a great breakdown of the hard to find beers here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green Dragon Update

Excited to proclaim not much has changed at the Dragon. I dropped in for meet the brewer night and it was pleasantly familiar. After a nice glass of Fort George North II (which the mug club was still in effect), the happy hour hasn't changed yet. Next up was a glass of Baron Rauchbier which was excellent. There is something about a easy to drink smoked beer that is just perfect. You get the heavier smoked/scotch flavors, without to much kick.

After that I talked with the brewer for a bit and sampled a few of the offerings. Strange to say, I really enjoy Pelicans standard beers, but their special releases are... well.. not my thing. I thought the Wee Heavy was rather bland, not enough earthiness and character, more like a typical American strong ale. The Bridal ale didn't have the malt depth of a good Bier de Garde. The Pelican Brune didn't have hardly any carbonation, leaving it flat and lifeless. I think Pelican makes an awesome IPA, stout, dark, and Stormwatchers is delicious, but all of these seasonals just seem to be mediocre. Even their Saison and Gran Cru which I had last year had a vegi flavor like they were rushed.

Anyway, enough ranting, needless to say the Green Dragon still felt like home, although reading over the Rogue FAQ on each table showed you that things will be changing.

So if you have writen this place off, know that it still holds the old charm at least for now.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bottles Available

Just a heads up. I dropped into the Market of Choice on Terwilliger blvd yesterday and they had a few bottles of Abyss left and some bottles of Cherry Adam. So if you missed the dock sale you might luck out if you head down there quick.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 good 1 bad 1 in progress

So my blogging has been few and far between, still waiting to get my camera back and a busy schedule has left holes in my blog. So at least this is something.

I've been working on a new platform for my blog, no real reason, just thought it would be fun to have my own real domain for the site and get to know wordpress better. I should have the new site up in a few weeks, I still need to do some artwork and organization, but it will give me more options.

So tonight I got home and popped the top on Heater Allens new winter seasonal Weizenbock. The pour was murky dark amber, very small beige head. The nose smelt off, sort of yeast and cleaner like. The beer tasted the same way, really funky and awful. I wasn't sure if I was drinking part soap and part yeast slurry. This was the first beer in a while I poured down the drain. Anyone else try this beer yet? thoughts? did I just get a bad bottle?

Since that was a total let down I decided to open a bottle of Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood that I scored at last weekends Anniversary dock sale. I think this beer isn't quite ready yet, very flat on the carbonation giving a thinner oily palate, very faint ring of a tan head over the dark ebony body with red hues at the edges. The smokiness from the original Adam from the Wood is there and the cherries are sweet but meld well with flavors of sherry and soft burnt chocolate, finishing slightly tart. Good now, but like most Hair of the Dog beers will continue to improve with age.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lack of posts and bad news

First, I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I've been displaced from my home all week while house-sitting, so my blogging and drinking haven't been connected lately. Also, my parents borrowed my camera for their work overseas, so my blog has been naked without that. With no pictures my horrible writing has to stand for itself, and it is trying to bide its time till the photos return.

2nd, some sad news to report. Angelo just posted on the blog that the Green Dragon is being taken over by Rogue. As a mug club member and big fan of the Green Dragon, this is quite depressing. I'm still hoping this doesn't come to fruition, but if this holds up the East side just had a major setback.

I'll be honest, I don't like Rogue very much. Their beer is decent, a few are really good, but overall overpriced. They don't treat their employees very well, and the ones they do have often couldn't care less about knowing their product. Everything is overpriced in their pubs, so I'll stick to the bottles and maybe forking over the big chips to try something special if it is only on tap.

I've enjoyed my time at the Dragon. Casual and laid back, good selection of rotating taps, a staff that does well at knowing their products. The weekly meet the brewer has been a great success, bringing some of the smaller breweries from the NW to the spotlight. What I don't understand is the Rogue takeover. Integrity Spirits is in the same building, is Rogue buying that also? Would Rogue house a direct competitor in the same building?

Someone say this whole story isn't true.