Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Ale Fest 2008

So the Wednesday session is on! Arriving at 3pm for the opening founding me waiting in a 40 person line, sure maybe a few more people than I expected, but I was in the company of people that were truly there to drink and appreciate some good brew. I have to give it up to Preston for adding this day, as I trekked around the tent I met a ton of great local beer enthusiasts. This really was the day for the beer geeks to show up and mingle.

This years fest featured a new navigational hazard... the 2nd beer tent. Upon entering there was a sign to your left that showed that other beers were just a catwalk away. Glancing at the signs I knew that there were some must-try beers in the 2nd tent so I made my way over there. To get to the second tent you had to cross this.Now, i've been to my share of beer fests, but this looks like a fricken mine field in the making, I mean how the heck do you expect people to traverse this thing after some of these beers? Now I was only here for a hand full of samples, but I have seen Friday and Saturday nights and some of the sauced people it creates, this looks like a lawsuit in the making. I understand the need for more space, but this was head-scratching. Also, no Jim for wheelchair bound people. But overall it lead to this tent.

The beer selection this year was excellent. From the 3 years of Jim to the special Firestone Walker releases, all selections at this fest lead to a bit of excitement. My favorite brews from this years fest were Cascade Sang Noir, Hair of the Dog Jim 3, and Firestone Walker Merkin Stout. Also, if it is still available check out the Cascade Vlad the Impaler. I thought Ron's Vlad creation was the star of the show.

Overall some great times. I was able to share a brew with a bunch of the great local beer enthusiasts, and sample a lot of the great hard to find winter brews Portland has to offer. If you can try to get down to the Holiday Ale fest Thursday at opening, so you can sample these great brews before the crowds get overwhelming. Plan on attending this fest over a couple of days to enjoy this amazing selection of winter warmers.

If you are unsure of what to try Jeff wrote a great breakdown of the hard to find beers here.


Angelo De Ieso II said...

Glad to see you got your camera back in effect. Prost!

DA Beers said...

well sort of, I'm borrowing it at the moment. I sold it for an upgrade, but waiting for some after the holidays sales.

Matthew D. said...

what was up with the Christmas tree not lit last night?

DA Beers said...

I'm not sure. I liked the clear top to the tent though, it was great to see the buildings above.