Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 good 1 bad 1 in progress

So my blogging has been few and far between, still waiting to get my camera back and a busy schedule has left holes in my blog. So at least this is something.

I've been working on a new platform for my blog, no real reason, just thought it would be fun to have my own real domain for the site and get to know wordpress better. I should have the new site up in a few weeks, I still need to do some artwork and organization, but it will give me more options.

So tonight I got home and popped the top on Heater Allens new winter seasonal Weizenbock. The pour was murky dark amber, very small beige head. The nose smelt off, sort of yeast and cleaner like. The beer tasted the same way, really funky and awful. I wasn't sure if I was drinking part soap and part yeast slurry. This was the first beer in a while I poured down the drain. Anyone else try this beer yet? thoughts? did I just get a bad bottle?

Since that was a total let down I decided to open a bottle of Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood that I scored at last weekends Anniversary dock sale. I think this beer isn't quite ready yet, very flat on the carbonation giving a thinner oily palate, very faint ring of a tan head over the dark ebony body with red hues at the edges. The smokiness from the original Adam from the Wood is there and the cherries are sweet but meld well with flavors of sherry and soft burnt chocolate, finishing slightly tart. Good now, but like most Hair of the Dog beers will continue to improve with age.

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