Monday, September 15, 2008

Dissident tap vs bottle

I know this may be a bit late, the Dissident taps long dried up, the bottles now a treasure, searched long and hard for, but I will just state it anyway. The Dissident in bottles just blows the stuff on tap away.

When I first tried the Dissident, the day they first had it on tap at the Portland Deschutes, I enjoyed it. The beer was nice, a bit edgy, still had some heat to it, the flavors a touch sharp, the brett subtle. So last weekend I tried on of the bottles I had picked up, and my opinion of this beer changed quite a bit. What once was a "good beer, glad they tried it" sort of thing, is now a "impressive, where can I get more" thing. The bottles seem to have lost any heat the tap version had, the flavors less sharp and feel like they have settled with age, the brett and other wild yeast strains even had more character.

Anyway, I hope everyone that went to try it on tap picked up a bottle or two. I know i'll be sad when my last one is gone.

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