Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bottle Release: Old Odense Ale

If you read the Belmont Station blog you might have read a month ago about Old Odense Ale. This is the collaboration between Denmark's Norrenbro brewery (makes the Northbridge Extreme) and Delaware's Dogfish Head (90 minute IPA fame). Well this beer is finally available in Portland, or at least the first I've seen of it. The bottle is running about $15, so it's a pricey one for sure, but might only be around once.

Based on a traditional 15th century recipe (like anyone is really going to verify the validity of the recipe), this is a sour gruit ale. I found it to be good, but for the $15 there are a lot of other delicious sours out there I would recommend over this one. Nice berry flavor, they use thorn berries (wtf are those?), but they taste a bit like tart sylvan berry up front, but a touch of strawberry comes through later. There is a interesting dry spice in the finish that blends with the tartness well (they use star anise).

Anyway, if you are looking to try this I recommend getting it quick, i'm not sure if it will be brewed again. I know for sure John's Market has it, but Belmont most likely does also since they dropped the story on it.

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