Monday, September 1, 2008

American Strong Ales

So since I might have opened the flood gates with the IPA post (i'm sure some of you out there have your favorites), i'm going to keep going. So recently I tried my 100th Amercian Strong Ale (i'm at 107 now), so I thought I would post my top 10 so you people could comment on what i'm missing out on and why i'm such a loser.

1. Hair of the Dog Jim 2
2. Full Sail Imperial Porter barrel aged (I don't think it belongs, but RB does)
3. Stone Double Bastard
4. Roots Epic
5. Rogue Brewer
6. Oak Arrogant Bastard
7. Ballast Point Victory at Sea
8. Alesmith Decadence 2006
9. Alesmith Yulesmith (winter)
10. Elysian Bifrost

I'd like to hear others opinions on their favorite "American strong ales", if you think i'm stupid please let me know why.



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