Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Deschutes The Dissident released

So finally, after the hype and the wait the Dissident is here. Available on tap and bottles at the Deschutes pub in downtown PDX (11th and NW Davis). Yah, I was excited, for a number of reasons, yah the Abyss and XX were delicious, the label is bottle-keeper awesome, yes I love sour brown ales, and aww hell, its a new beer in PDX that isn't about the hops. I'll post my thoughts on this beer, but don't take this the wrong way, the beer was good, and i'm still very excited to see what comes out of Deschutes and other Oregon brewers. Bring on the Belgian movement, with brewers like Russian River and the Lost Abbey I'm very excited with this new trend.

I can only speak for Dissident on tap, I haven't opened the bottles i've got yet. Here is my RB review:

Pours dark red, slight mahogany hue, very thin off-white head. Tart berry nose, light sweetness, maybe soft chocolate, but dominated by tart and sour cherry. The pinot barrels give a lot of grape skin flavor in the finish, earthy but not as wild of a brett character as I hoped. The brett is young, still on a short leash, give it a while and this beer will pick up some nice wild brett esters, but this early on it’s very refrained in that realm. The beer overall is ok, it’s no Supplication. The brett needs time to build up more funkiness, the carbonation a bit soft on draft reducing the dryness.

Overall, I thought it was a nice beer, although not incredible, if I were to drop in unknowingly and try this from an unknown brewery I would be very pleased. It needs more time to age, the brett character just hasn't done its thing enough. If you purchased bottles of this don't open them all yet. I would like to hear someones experience that has tried this from the bottle, see if there is a difference. But I think this will really benefit from more time aging.

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