Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hood River WET hop fest 2008

Well Oregonians never stop amazing me. A bitter and wet day in Hood River perfectly set the scene for the 2008 Hood River Hop fest. While some would argue to have this fest set indoors, there is something so perfectly Oregonian about drinking hopped up beers in the rain, all the while I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, laughing at the absurdity of the scene. Like people in all extreme climates you adapt, but it really shows how unique the craft beer scene is when people turn off their NCAA football, dawn their rain gear, and stand in the rain to sample this years hop harvest. The fest, looking like a REI raincoat showcase, went on, bitter beers for bitter weather.

I missed last years event, but two years ago I don't remember the setup being the way it was this year. The beer booths separated from the "family fare". The problem this created was there was this big division in the event, all of the people packed in around the beer booths, taking up 1/3 of the event, leaving most of the area allotted for the event vacant. No tables, only really one small tent in the beer garden area. I'm all for family friendly events, but it is still a beer festival, lets give the beer drinkers at least 2/3rds of the event, then set aside the other booths for the remainder, it felt very crowded, and once the rain started, well, i'll let the next picture speak for itself.
Highlights of this year for me were:
Big Horse Vernon the Rabbit Slayer
Double Mountain Killer Green
Rogue Independence IPA
Port Townsend triple dry-hopped Hop Diggity

Lots of delicious brews and another great year drinking fresh hops in the tempermental Oregon climate.



Jeff Alworth said...

Okay, that's a funny picture. Committed SNOBs one and all.

DA Beers said...

Yah, i'm sure Full Sail saw a lot people coming in that day to get out of the rain.


Clever descriptions. I love the part about it seeming like an REI showcase.