Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brewdog Meet the Brewer

Brewdog (Scottish for we adore our dogs) gave one heck of a meet the brewer today at Belmont Station. Pouring their Punk IPA, Amber, Hardcore IPA, and Paradox line. While we are a bit spoiled in the PNW on the ambers and IPAs, these guys really have their stouts in a delicious niche. Seeing as how the paradox series is all based on the same mother imperial stout, the depth that each gets from the barrels they are aged in is beyond impressive. The Islay being a peaty smoked monster, flashbacks of complex scotch without the bite. The Port barrel, being a soft smooth troubadour, hints of vanilla and plum. In between reside the Spayside and Glen Grant, both showing spiciness and soft sweet flavors. You get the feeling at times that bourbon is... well boring in its additions to a beer.

I'm sure they enjoyed their hoppy stay here in Portland.

Striking up a conversation with the brewers shows their insight, they seek out barrels that compliment their beers best. Knowing a bit about the regions (flavors) of Scotland from college days trying to refine myself, unsuccessfully I may add, it was great to hear them talk about how they seek out specific barrels to build upon their beers.

PS. Word is their are collaborating with Mikkelar on an barleywine this November, to be released in... you guessed it, scotch barrels. I can claim for sure that it will be better then my writing.

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