Saturday, August 23, 2008

Widmer 8/23/08

Aight, so hold in there, i'm not much of a writer, i'm not going to wax poetic or puff this with elegant descriptions, this is about beer, and whats new in town.

Widmer has a few new beers on at the brewery at the moment...

A new IPA called 114 IPA that Jeff had written about in the Beervana blog. If you haven't tried it you should head down to Widmer and check it out while it's still around. Nice golden bodied IPA with a delicious floral spicy hop character. Not over the top, but balanced and solid.

They also had a new amber on called Albina Amber that has more floral hops then Drop Top, picking up the hops and softening some of the toastier malts of Drop Top. I'm not a big fan of Drop Top, or ambers in general, but this was an improvement.

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